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Our Story

The Journey

Sisters Jennifer Winters Goodrich and Valerie Winters have always shared a deep vigor for music. Growing up in the vibrant San Fernando Valley, the sisters discovered their love for singing and writing original songs at a very young age. In the early 80's,  they formed the band 'Winter' and embarked on an incredible musical journey.

Valerie showcased her talent as a powerful, sultry vocalist and acoustic guitarist, while Jennifer mesmerized audiences with her passionate, soulful vocals and piano/keyboard skills. Beyond their individual talents, their combined sophisticated style and perfectly matched harmonies were the sisters commanding sound together.

Over the years, 'Winter' explored various music genres, collaborating with professional and talented musicians such as lead guitarist Monty Pollack,  Producer/Musician extraordinaire, (Eddie Money, Vixen, Nitro, Sugaray Rayford),  Ralph Carter, drummer Gary Mallaber (Bruce Springsteen, Steve Miller, Eddie Money) and guitarist James Ralston (Tina Turner, Vonda Shepard) who added their unique touch to the band's sound.

Playing the male dominated L.A. music scene  at clubs like the iconic Troubadour, Roxy, The Whiskey and At My Place they remained dedicated to their craft, creating an impressive song catalogue showcasing a wide vocal range, beautiful harmonies, matched with a rock edge that is finally ready to share with the world after three decades.


We hope you enjoy these vintage/retro recordings. 

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